DIBS is designed to dynamically handle interaction with non-EDI trading partners. DIBS opens the door to virtually all businesses enabling them to be EDI compliant! EDI capable trading partners will appreciate this no nonsense approach and the minimal involvement required to bring on suppliers allowing them to "keep the gears in motion".

From Active Server Pages (ASP) to Extended Markup Language (XML), from fax to e-mail, CPI provides interactive data collection and dissemination for the non-EDI capable trading partner. And from EDIFact to X12, CPI provides EDI data for integrated use by the larger trading partners.

Setup of the larger company is fast and easy. Once CPI has your implementation guide and trading partner information, we can send and receive test documents as soon as the next day. Minimal testing is required to bring on additional partners for the same transaction set.

For the smaller company, setup is also fast and easy. When we receive the completed registration form, logins and passwords are assigned and test documents are transmitted as soon as the next day. Our experienced staff will provide assistance wherever necessary to make the implementations smooth and successful.

Upon acceptance by both trading partners, the transaction goes into production mode.

DIBS is a cost effective way of implementing EDI among all trading partners. Annual fees for the smaller company amount to a fraction of the otherwise necessary Value Added Network (VAN) charges, software, maintenance fees. and other associated EDI costs. In many cases. the cost for one message will be less than the usual postage required to send the paper document via the post office.

Get "DIBS" on it!!!
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